Industry Veteran Ken Shuman Founded ICS To Help Brands Build Communications Program At Scale
Client Testimonials
Misfits Market Testimonial
Misfits Market
Challenge: Develop the narrative & amplify the brand
Solution: Think Big, Act Big, Become Big
ICS hosted and produced “Gearing to go Public”
Misfits Market
Challenge: Ken Shuman of ICS demystified the IPO process
Solution: Bringing together IR PR and Legal
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ICS Develops & Executes Programs That Create Value and Amplify Your Brand.
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Telstra Ventures Testimonial
Telstra Ventures
Challenge: Stand out in a crowded VC Market
Solution: Find your Authentic Voice
Workshops & Executive Coaching
Building a Modern Communications Program
Comms is a value creator and brand multiplier. In this workshop, Ken will share how he builds brand narrative driven programs, his framework for Scaled Communications, and how to build and grow a modern communications department. Attendees will leave with a clear framework of how to build a modern communications program.
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Crafting Your Own Narrative
Your brand narrative is ongoing and always evolving. Once you nail your narrative, you have to learn how to deliver it to a diverse set of audiences, including employees, investors, recruits, politicians, and your customers. In this workshop, attendees will learn the necessary skills to craft their narrative and understand how to tailor messaging for key audiences.
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Driving Business Impact
Building a communications program that drives business impact requires activating your senior management team members. During this session Ken will share his “Business Impact Funnel” and framework on how to activate an executive management team. Learn how to create a strategic communications program that delivers an advantage over your competition.
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Interim VP of Communications
Not all companies need a full-time senior communications leader. In this role, Ken serves as an extension to your team to develop the communications strategy, mentor the team, and drive the execution of the plan. Having a senior communications leader can greatly benefit companies that are looking to improve their public image and ensure they are effectively communicating with all stakeholders.
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Scale Communications
Building a scale communications program means rethinking the role of communications in your company. It is putting communications at the core of your business strategy to build awareness for your company, your products, and your category. Ken works with companies to activate their executive management teams and employees to build a sphere of influence that accelerates growth via awareness and influence.
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Executive Coaching
Whether you are setting out to build your PR strategy and team, preparing for a big presentation, or making your first broadcast appearance, Ken works 1:1 with executives to remove unnecessary anxiety. Ken creates customized coaching programs that help founders build their personal brand as well as the company's brand.
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Commentator / Spokesperson
To expand opportunities and to stand out in a crowd, it is important to have an opinion and advocate for something bigger than your company and its products. Ken helps companies widen the conversation creating opportunities that drive impact across employees, customers, and investors.
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Data Driven Communications
Unique insights are easily digestible, can be said in the less than 280 characters, can be visually displayed, and are highly shareable. Ken helps companies discover, extract and package this content driving awareness for your brand, products, and services. By creating engaging content, companies can attract and retain customers while building brand awareness
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Financial Communications
Company leaders know that financial communications can be complex. Whether you are working on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), initial public offerings (IPO), or venture capital (VC) funding, Ken helps companies develop the corporate narrative, maximize internal communications, and flawless execution to help accomplish your corporate goals.
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Driving Business Impact
Today’s highly connected world and the rapid velocity at which information travels has radically changed the role of communications across high-growth companies.
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